Saturday, October 6, 2012

Our budding photographer

Matthew's favorite thing ever is to take pictures.  He is always using our phones as cameras and pitches a big ol' fit when we pull out our real, expensive camera and tell him he can't play with it. He turns everything into "cameras": legos, blocks, pieces of paper, etc.

We got him a kids digital camera for his birthday. His birthday party is next Saturday and we're going to give it to him then. He's going to flip a lid. We're going to have to video him opening it.   Here are some of the "better" pictures Matthew has taken. I think it's funny, because it documents so many things that wouldn't otherwise get documented.

 This is Matthew's gummy vitamin that he takes every morning. I'm pretty sure it's the highlight of his day.  Its obviously important enough to him to take a picture of it:

Signing forms for Samuel's shots at the doctor:

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